Curators and Artistic Director

Budi N.D. Dharmawan - DSF6380a

Alia Swastika

Alia Swastika is a curator based in Yogyakarta, and has been working with the art scene in the city for almost 15 years. Aside of her projects in Indonesia, Swastika had been involved in various international projects such as curator for Marker focus on Indonesia in Art Dubai 2012 and co-Artistic Director of 9th Gwangju Biennale: Roundtable with 5 other curators. She curated first edition of Jogja Biennale Equator Series: Indonesia meets India. She is now one of the board members of International Biennial Association representing Jogja Biennale

Rain Rosidi
Artistic Director

Rain Rasidi (born 1975) is an independent curator and lecture at Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta. He worked as curator for alternative space Gelaran Budaya (2000). In 2003, he joined residency program for arts management at Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane and at the Asian Australian Art Center, Australia. His curatorial works include: Neo Iconoclast (2014), Future of Us (2012), Jogja Agro Pop (2011), Indonesian Disjunction (2009), Utopia Negativa (2008), and Jawa Baru (2008).

Wok The Rock

Woto Wibowo aka Wok The Rock (born 1975) is an artist with interest in multidisciplinary medium to create works and projects based on collaborative action. He combines a sense of forming space, speculative investigation and medium experimentation as his artistic practice. He is now the Director of Mes 56, an artist-run-space focusing on contemporary photography.

Jude Anogwih
Associate Curator

Jude Anogwih is a visual artist and curator living and working in Lagos, Nigeria. He is the founding member and co-coordinator of Video Art Network Lagos ( and has taken part in several exhibitions locally and internationally. Recent curatorial projects include ARENA (where would I have got if I had been intelligent!) at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Torun, Poland (2014) and Contested Terrains (2011- 2012), Tate Modern, London (co-curator with Kerryn Greenberg). Anogwih is a culture producer and curator at the Center for Contemporary Arts, Lagos (www.

Lisistrata Lusandiana
Assistant Curator

Lisistrata Lusandiana is a cultural studies researcher who was born and lived in Yogyakarta. In 2014 he graduated from Cultural Religious Studies with a thesis about identity politics of backpacker. Since 2012 she active in research institutes psychoanalysis Eruption Akademia. She’s now a researcher of BJXIII Indonesia meet Nigeria at once became an assistant curator.

Hendra Himawan
Curator of Equator Festival & Parallel Event

Hendra Himawan is an independent curator, art researcher and author. He works with many young artists, focusing on project-based work of art by creating new spaces for alternative art practices to the public. Often affiliated with a community of artists, academics, NGO activists and villagers to build collaborative work across disciplines and examine the extent to which the arts can contribute directly to create social change. Involved with various projects of regional art, several times represented Indonesia for community-based art project which is based on relational aesthetics and practices of participatory work. Living in Yogyakarta, he also taught at the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) in Surakarta.

Arsita Pinandita
Curator Equator Festival & Parallel Event

Arsita Pinandita, usually called Dito, likes to talk about the visual content in the realm of subcultures. Apart from being a practitioner, he also teaches visual communication design. Often write for the exhibition events including; ‘Jogja Art Scene’ (Fortress Vredeburg- 2010), ‘Decadent Death Metal (Postgraduate ISI-2012),’ Hungry Eyes’ (Jogja Gallery-2013), Quality in Time (Klick-2014), ‘Laras Sinawang’ (Sasono Hinggil -2015). He also believes that if we have art, we do not need to be soluble in reality.