Biennale Equator For The Youth

20151109 Biennale Untuk Anak Muda

African Conference By High School Students in Yogyakarta

Arise from a simple question; how does a high school teenager in Yogyakarta define Asian- African Conference in the coming years? We arranged this program to earn the answer of the question. Students will collaborate with the other student representatives of several high schools in Yogyakarta in which they will join a series of discussions and workshops introducing the background of Asian-African Conference and the role of the conference in world development.

After the introduction, the students will talk about their ideals and expectations on the future Asian-African Conference. The result of the discussion will be presented in the reenactment of future Asian-African Conference. This reenactment implements the materials, derived from speeches and scripts of the conferences in 1955 and 2015, which is being rewritten and being “given” a new context by the students.

The reenactment of “Future Asian-African Conference” uses debate competition system. It is open for public and, hopefully, could be presented in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. From this reenactment, we hope that the students see history from a new point of view. In addition, we give the students a chance to practice theatrical theories in a way differed from the theatrical performances they used to have.