Ace House Collective

20151109 Ace House Collective

Ace House Collective
“Komisi Nasional Pemurnian Seni (KNPS)”
Performative activities in a site-specific installation
In collaboration with: Rully Shabara, Yazied Syafaat, Joned Suryatmoko, Maryanto

Detox is a treatment process that involves the cleansing of the organs of a person’s body. In this work, Ace House Collective uses detox as an analogy for the function of art in society. Art becomes a tool for explaining and “cleansing” many complex issues that society faces today. However, political work in art is not merely limited to being a method of facing social issues. Art methods also need to be politically reviewed. How can work exhibited in the biennale context be capable of representing the ideological position of art in society? Ace House Collective’s work is a self- critical action towards art – including its potential and its limitations – within formal and bureaucratic systems like the Biennale Jogja.

Ace House Collective is an artist collective founded in Yogyakarta, 2011. Since 2014, they run a non-profit initiative space, Ace House and functioned as a laboratory on artistic tension between art and other disciplines based on youth and pop culture practices which emphasizes in the experimental and exploratory approach as well as finding the possibilities on visual art perspective through several programs and activities such as; presentation-discussion, exhibition, residency, and inter-disciplinary art projects. Ace House Collective project “Tak Ada Rotan Akar Punjabi” —an artistic research on west Indian diaspora community in Yogyakarta won the first prize of Biennale Jogja’s Parallel Event Program in 2011. They have been exhibited their project in Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea and participated in Jakarta Biennale in 2013.