Agan Harahap

20151109 Agan Harahap

Agan Harahap
“Dear Sara”
Photography, short story, internet, video

Pre-election times (before July 2014) are mystifying time in Indonesia. As the official campaign time begins, all kinds of ‘black campaigns’ come into play and haunt the internet. Through anonymous websites and social media accounts, offensive gossips and rumors attacking both candidates spread and feed the divergence among the people. In the work, by adopting the methods applied in the sites and social media accounts containing ‘black campaigns’, AganHarahap tries to muffle the tension in the air after the election. His target is internet users.

Agan Harahap started his career as a painter and illustrator when he studied graphic design at STDI (Design and Art College) in Bandung, Indonesia. After graduate (2005), he moved to Jakarta and worked as a digital imaging artist and photographer for Indonesian music magazine Trax Magazine. In 2008, he was one of a finalist for Indonesian Art Award. He held his first solo exhibition in Ruang MES 56, Yogyakarta and began to participate in numerous art exhibitions in Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan, Portugal, Colombia and Australia. His works combined fiction and reality in satire parody narrative of human life. His works distributed massively by internet users on social media and online forums.This created highly debates about reality and authenticity among the users, corporate media, photographers and prominent figures depicted in the photographs. This issue concerned him to observing on how the cyber culture disrupts the real life. He lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.