Anggun Priambodo

20151109 Anggun

Anggun Priambodo
“Voice Of Equator”
Site-specific installation and video
In collaboration with: Yoshi Kresnamurti

“Voice of Equator” is based on Anggun’s experiences while he was an artist-in- residence in Nigeria. There, he was confronted with a community uncomfortable with cameras, expressing their bitterness and irritation, which made filming difficult for Anggun. In the midst of these difficulties, he was able to capture the noisy and busy atmosphere of Lagos, similar to Jakarta. According to Anggun, while Lagos and Jakarta are geographically distant, both cities have much in common. Anggun invites us to taste the rustle of his experiences through video installations that have been placed in a five- metre high tree house.

Born in 1977, Trenggalek, East Java, Indonesia. Anggun is a multi disciplinary artist. He graduated from Interior Design, Institut Kesenian Jakarta. He has explored many mediums such as video, photography, performance and installation to criticize the culture of urban people in a satirical manner. His works have been exhibited in many exhibitions both local and international, such as in OK Video Festival, Tate Modern Museum in London and Singapore Biennale. He has awarded the best work from Bandung Contemporary Art Award. His first movie Rocket Rain, is launched in 2013 and it has been widely acclaimed. In his spare time he manages a magazine on art, music and life style, Cobra magazine that he publish by himself. He lives and works in Jakarta, Indonesia.