Dodo Hartoko

20151109 Dodo Hartoko

Dodo Hartoko
“Buku dan Teks Lain”
Books, painting, table, chair and reading lamp
In collaboration with: Agan Harahap, Puthut EA, Arwin Hidayat

The work is inspired by the statuses of Puthut EA’s (writer and activist) on his Facebook account from 2014 until 2015. What’s interesting is the fact that the statuses mostly discuss simple things around the neighborhood yet, somehow, touch wider phenomenon like social-political issues. Most of the time, it leads to debates on the commentary segment. The basis of the selection of the status itself is their relevance with what’s being discussed by the public at that time. In this way, the statuses can be placed in the universal context. The work tries to see the strategy of negotiating conflict in an open and compromising manner. The work (book) is arranged in collaboration with Puthut EA, ArwinHidayat, AganHarahap and

Dodo Hartoko is an artist and a publisher. He has started Buku Baik Publisher since 2002 in Yogyakarta. He was born in Batang, Jawa Tengah. He studied politics in Social and Politics department, Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta, but he didn’t finish it. He has got a lot of discussion and work with numerous artists, political activist, cultural activist, intellectuals, religious leader and civilian. In 2013 he initiated a group discussion “Ceblang Ceblung Forum” with some artist friends.

He has published some books with prominent writers and artists about social-humanistic and arts. His first solo exhibition “Kepala Kepala di Kepala” was hold in Sangkring Art Space, in 2012. He has had several group exhibitions individually and with his collective Ceblang Ceblung Forum.