Elia Nurvista & Fajar Riyanto

20151109 Elia

Elia Nurvista & Fajar Riyanto
“Hunger, Inc.”
Performative activity on a site-specific installation
In collaboration with: Ibu-ibu (Women of) Ledhok Timoho, Ndidi Dike, Temitayo Ogunbinyi

Over the past few years, the issue with food and social inequality has become a major theme in the works of Nurvista. In this exhibition, Nurvista collaborates with Riyanto to initiate a work based on events and ways involving the community. With a wide range of activities carried out both inside and outside the exhibition hall, before or during the exhibition, they create moments while poking fun at the social hierarchy around us. Through site- specific performance, Nurvista and Riyanto urge us to take a closer look at the definition of poor, which has already become a playing field for the government and donors, as well as identity which cannot be separated from that gaming circuit.

Elia Nurvista was born in Yogyakarta, 1983. She has graduated from interior design, Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta. She’s interested in exploring a wide range of art mediums with an interdisciplinary approach and focus on the discourse of food. In her project “Adiboga Wonoasri” (which means Wonoasri Fine Dining), she created an interactive space that involves people to experiment creating fine dining menu ideas out of non-edible food. In 2015 she started Bakudapan study group with some friends. With Bakudapan she has conducted research on food within the socio-political and cultural context. Elia has participated in numerous exhibitions and art residencies, both locally and internationally. She lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.