Emeka Udemba

20151109 Emeka Udemba

Emeka Udemba
“Street Slam”
Cart, video, live music, snack
In collaboration with: DJ Kawan Dolly

The interest of Emeka Udemba lays on the institutional hierarchy of museums and public spaces as socials spaces of adaptation and experimentation. Udemba’s project in Jogia engages various parts of the city through collaborative “Street Slam” performances and screenings with the Odong Odong Mobile Museum of Contemporary Art. In these collaborations, which are open-ended, intimate attention is focused on routines, habits and utopia possibilities. The interventions reflect critical ideas of the everyday life conceal in complex and contradictory realities of two distant societies, Jogja/Lagos. Emeka Udemba also interrogates aspects of societal prejudices and biases still pervasive despite the so-called ‘global social and cultural revolution’ through his “I am not you” photo series.

Born 1968, Emeka Udemba studied art education at the Lagos State College of Education/University of Lagos, Nigeria. He produces installations, performances, photography, video and drawings. His works explore questions underlining individual as well as collective experiences dealing with issues of socio-cultural influences and politics. One of his ongoing projects is Molue Mobile Museum of Contemporary Art. He has won various prizes, grants and residencies and is also involved in curatorial art practices in public spaces. He lives and works in Freiburg, Germany and in Lagos, Nigeria.