Fitri Setyaningsih

20151109 Fitri

Fitri Setyaningsih
“Rasa Dalam Centimeter”
Dance choreography
In collaboration with: Punkasila

The street is a arena for power struggles between society, military groups, the state and the market. In this context, Fitri Setyaningsih translates Punkasila’s work about noise and chaos as a shared language created in the street, in order to arrange a choreographic work. Fitri Setyaningsih’s choreography works with the regulation of bodies, objects and sound in the street, which is then shifted to the stage in the tiniest of measurements and distances.

Born in 1978, lives and works in Yogyakarta, Fitri Setyaningsih is a dancer, choreographer and performance artist. She studied at the Indonesian Art Institute (STSI) Surakarta. Her works are mostly involved with her observation of social phenomenon. Over the past few years, her works have been crossing the border between performing art and performance art in a visual art context. In 2011 she was awarded for a prominent artist by Tempo magazine in Indonesia. Fitri has participated in numerous dance performances internationally, both as a dancer, choreographer as well as director. She recently is processing her newest work, a composition of dance and site-specific installation “Aku Hampir Plastik” (I’m almost Plastic) that will be performed in deSingel, Antwerp, Belgium.