20151109 ketjilbergerak

“Taman Tiban ”
Site-specific installation, performative activities
In collaboration with: youth community and ketjilbergerak community

Based upon research conducted among groups of young people, ketjilbergerak is of the opinion that the increasing limitation and disappearance of public spaces in Yogyakarta is an issue that must be addressed. In this work, ketjilbergerak works together with the involved communities in creating public spaces and simulating citizen proposals on imagined public spaces. It is anticipated that in the future the “Taman Tiban” project will occupy empty spaces in Yogyakarta.

ketjilbergerak started as a zine publisher and discussion group on arts, philosophy and cultural studies in 2006. In 2008 they started to be a youth-based creative community & social movement, committed to work in education, arts and culture, collaboratively, encouraging the youth to produce their own culture, being dialectical and critical in a playful way. Ketjil Bergerak creates art projects, researches, organizing workshops and exhibitions. They have been participated in many arts and cultural events in Indonesia.