Ndidi Dike

20151109 Ndidi

Ndidi Dike
“Trace: Transactional Aesthetics”
Photography, spices, food, interactive
In collaboration with: Elia Nurvista, Temitayo Ogunbiyi

Ndidi Dike presents an installation that bring us closer to the activities involving trade and commodities. This time Dike’s project seeks to explore the history of commodity in Indonesia and Nigeria. Specifically  viewing of various products in Lagos markets appears to be in a seemingly chaotic state, but a second look reveals an ordered  nature of aesthetically arranganged street market tableaus. The history of trading commodities as well as establishing a relationship between the two countries has strengthened Nigeria’s relationship with Indonesia as well as those of other equatorial countries.Also playing a metaphor for the colonial influence over commodities and consumption is the inclusion  of the  historical and popular tea tray with all its accruements and delicacies referencing a shared colonial history between Indonesia and Nigeria through our colonial bonds. It has also brought to fore the discourse on the nations dependence on local produce goods and the political underpinings of food production and consumption. The work has the potential to provoke questions about the culture of commodity and politics of food that has become much like air; it is present but its existence is rarely questioned.

Ndidi Dike is a visual artist working in a variety of media including installation, sculpture, mixed media painting and more recently lense based media. She was born in London. Ndidi derives her inspiration from a diverse range of sources including urbanism., consummerism, globalization, post colonial studies, history of slavery,cross border/country migration,multi culturalism,art history and contemporary politics.. She has participated in exhibitions in Nigeria, Africa and internationally. Including Seven Stories About Modern Art in Africa, Whitechapel Art Gallery ,London,England (1995). Recent solo shows are, Waka-into-bondage: The Last Mile at CCA Lagos. (2008) and Unknown Pleasures Competting Tendencies at the National Museum Onikan Lagos (2012) she currently runs a studio and lives Lagos, Nigeria.