Rully Shabara

20151109 Rully

Rully Shabara
“Do.Re.Mi.No” & “Cari Padu”
Human musical instruments, participatory improvised choir
In collaboration with: Ace House Collective, audience

For Rully Shabara, spontaneity is a form of dealing with conflict. Spontaneity seeks its own path in the midst of chaos, manipulating space or outwitting the situation. Through spontaneity, individuals or groups create processes which lead to understanding or even create solutions. In this work, Rully Shabara uses spontaneity as a keyword for creating a method to process chaos and conflict. Chaos is revealed with the sounds of people’s voices, while the potential for conflict is manifested through the blurring of boundaries between visitors and the art work. How do visitors create their own positions in the midst of the clamour of voices and fluid spaces, and then take productive values from within this chaos?

Born in Palu, Central Sulawesi. Graduated from English Literature Department of STBA-LIA Yogyakarta, and has been working as interpreter and translator before committed to shift sail as an artist working with sound and music. He is interested in exploring human voice as a medium of creation, and oral traditions, folkloric texts as subject of study. His first music project Zoo —a post-hardcore punk band, builds up a reinvention of post-apocalyptic civilization, by addressing specific theme for different album, one at a time. In 2011, he collaborated with Wukir Suryadi —a musical-instrument builder, formed a band Senyawa that pushes musical range to both extremes: high-low, harsh-soft, yet creates a subtle mix between modern and traditional patterns. They have had tours and collaborations in Australia and Europe with many renowned experimental musicians. His latest project Raung Jagat is an improvisation based choir system specifically created to conduct vocal improvisations in a totally experimental manner. Rully lives and works di Yogyakarta, Indonesia