Tarlen Handayani


Tarlen Handayani
News clippings, paper, scissors, glue, cutter, workspace, interactive simulation

Media have an important role in shaping societal views on a certain event. Internet technology has democratised information, while also offering society the opportunity to participate in shaping views. Both social media and community journalism offer many facts and data on a certain event to be disseminated, while also reflecting various views. However, there is still a risk that one view will become dominant, and this can create tension between groups. This project invites visitors of the exhibition to simulate and recreate recent headline news, to find various views.

Tarlen Handayani, founder of Tobucil & Klabs, freelance writer and book binder. She founded Tobucil & Klabs—a small bookshop or info shop and community space in 2001.  One of its missions is to support the local literacy movement for capacity building in order to produce new thought and evaluate them. Tobucil has built approach to implementing the literacy movement in everyday life with regular clubs like writing club, Everyday Philosophy club, reading club, knitting club. In 2008 she got grant from Asian Cultural Council and learned about how to develop audience and communities in museum in Brooklyn Museum.

Personally, She decided to develop her skill as a book binder.  Book binding not only making a books, but also a mission to persuade people to write what they thought.  In 2012, with three other friends (local artist: Keni Soeriatmadja, R.E. Hartanto and Dewi Aditya) created program it called Book Play Project. In the beginning was group exhibition that each of them made art book, exhibition held in UNKL 347 Bandung in February 2012 and then Kedai Kebun Forum (KKF) Yogjakarta (November – December 2012).  Her recent essay was publish for book ‘Craftivism The Art of Craft and Activism’, Edited by Betsy Greer and published by Arsenal Pulp Press, UK, 2014. She lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia.