Temitayo Ogunbiyi

20151109 Temitayo

Temitayo Ogunbiyi
“Created Just For You”
Text and drawing above food packaging boxes, trays, tables
In collaboration with: Elia Nurvista dan Ndidi Dike

Ogunbiyi’s exploration of contemporary food and romance continues in this new, ongoing work. Here, she concieves of a fragmented narrative.  Its content is derived from love SMS booklets circulated in Nigeria, romantic Indonesian films, and fast food packaging. The latter represent Nigerian and Indonesian restaurants, and become entangled with and inflected by the romantic context of the work. She invites visitors to the exhibition to construct their own narratives by way of rearranging the elements of her presentation.

Born in Rochester, New York, Ogunbiyi is an artist and a curator. In June 2006, she graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of the Arts. She then earned a Master’s degree in Curatorial Studies and Critical Art Theory from Columbia University in 2011. She creates mixed-media artworks. Her approach is often site-specific, and explores forms of communication and exchange—in pattern, historical context, and human behavior. She uses drawing, fabric, and collage to fragment, reorder, and frame source material, which often includes content from the Internet. Ogunbiyi has exhibited in Nigeria and across the African continent. Additionally, her work has been shown in New York City, Philadelphia, Berlin, and St. Louis. She is currently exploring contemporary love, food, and education. In 2013, she founded Uzora Projects through which she undertakes various educational and curatorial projects. She lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria; Yallahs, Jamaica; and Gwynedd, Pennsylvania.