Yazied Syafa’at

20151109 Yazied

Yazied Syafaat
“Giliranku! (It’s My Turn!)”
Tour, video, photography, text, advertising
In collaboration with: komunitas penikmat seni (arts enthusiast community)

Culture, including art, is one form of knowledge production that can reflect the dynamics of society in the time and place that it is produced. Alongside the changed that take place in our society – including the development of information technology and the ways in which individuals connect with each other – the possibility for interaction that is created through art works and visitors has become increasingly diverse. Yazied Syafa’at’s work aims to reveal the possible interactions that are created between exhibition visitors and the works around them. This is Yazied Syafa’at’s effort to show that at art events, artists, art works and visitors have the opportunity to interact and exchange understanding from an equal footing.

Yazied Syafaat was born in Yogyakarta, 1978. He graduated from Visual Communication Design, Indonesian Institute of the Arts and Communication Studies, Gadjah Mada University, both are located in Yogyakarta. In 1999 he co-founded an advertising agency, Srengenge Culture Lab, which focuses on product research which has strong cultural value. He has won several advertising awards such as Pinasthika Award, Citra Pariwara, Cakram Award and become a jury since then. He has been participated in numerous seminars in Indonesia and abroad, as a facilitator. Syafa’at also works as a marketing communication consultant in some design magazines, such as Concept and Mix Magazine. He lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.