Yudi Ahmad Tajudin

20151109 Yudi Ahmad Tajudin

Irwan Ahmett – Tita Salina & Yudi Ahmad Tajudin 
“Restitution of 1755: Hacking Giyanti”
Procession, discussion, performance

As in their previous works that address the complexity of problems, the collaboration of artist duo Irwan-Tita and Yudi Ahmad Tajudin attempts to play with foundations of historical legitimacy, which are now rarely questioned. In this work, the artists are interested in conflicts about living spaces that have recently emerged in Yogyakarta, both at the elite and grassroots levels. To find solutions for these conflicts, this art project focuses on the Giyanti Treaty and in so doing delves into the history of the city as well as the NgayogyakartaHadiningrat kingdom. “Restitution of 1755: Hacking Giyanti” has not been created to determine the truth or authentic history, but intentionally questions the legitimation of the Yogyakarta Sultanate. As such, this work asks us to always be mindful of all forms of power legitimation.

Yudi Ahmad Tajudin was born in 1972 in Jakarta. He is a prominent Indonesian theater director and also a founding member and artistic director of Garasi/Garasi Theater Performance Institute, a multidisciplinary artist collective based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. His works includes interdisciplinary projects with other prominent artists and his critically acclaimed works range from contemporary opera, Dance Theater, classical drama, performance art and interpretation of Javanese traditional performing arts. His vision in theatre making is also an attempt to read, investigate and perform the concerns of the society, or to understand the ever-changing realities.

Known as a cutting edge director who has brought Indonesia’s theater scene to the next aesthetic level, Yudi was granted an ‘Art Award 2014′ from Ministry of Culture, Indonesia, and in 2013 Garasi Theater was named a Prince Claus Laureate for, among others, “their adventurous spirit and groundbreaking work in stimulating performing arts in South East Asia.” Yudi lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.