Yustoni Volunteero & SAKI

20151109 Yustoni

Yustoni Volunteero & SAKI
“Kampungku Uripku”
Site-specific installation, video, drawing, documents, mural

In this work, YustoniVolunteero collaborates with SAKI, a community group from KampungLedokTukangan. This kampung, in the middle of Yogyakarta, developed without proper infrastructural planning. Over time, the kampung has become increasingly populated with workers, because of its proximity to the centre of economic activity. These new inhabitants live alongside those who have been there for a long time. Apart from an ever-changing cityscape, due to the increased building of multi-storey buildings, relationships between members of society also experience changes. Because of these changes, Volunteero believes that it is necessary that a cultural movement emerges which focuses on archiving the data, memories and oral histories of the local community. These can be used as for community study, and act as a tool in addressing change.

Born in Yogyakarta in 1972, Toni graduated from Fine Art Department, Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Toni has explored numerous mediums such as painting, drawing, installation, performance art and participatory art to discuss political issues in Indonesia. He has been known as a founder of Taring Padi, a political art collective as well as a populist cultural organization, started in 1999. With some fellow artists in this collective, he developed community based propaganda art projects, such as Festival Memedi Sawah located in Polanharjo and Delanggu in 1999. He has participated in numerous art, cultural and political activities in Indonesia and abroad. Toni lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.