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Jogja Biennale Equator #3: Indonesia meets Nigeria Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation proudly announces its new direction and curatorial team for the next edition, Biennale Equator #3 2015. Begun in 2011 and finishing in 2020, Biennale Jogja has transformed into the Biennale Equator, departing from the idea of tracing and responding to a history of globalism and the relationships of people […]

THE ARTISTIC DIRECTOR and CURATOR PROFILE Biennale Jogja XIII – Equator # 3 – November 2015 Indonesia encounters Nigeria
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ARTISTIC DIRECTOR  Rain Rosidi (born in Magelang, 1973) lives and works in Yogyakarta. Rain is an art curator and lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts – Art Institute of Indonesia in Yogyakarta. In 2000 worked as a manager and curator at Gelaran Budaya, which is an alternative space that organizes art exhibitions and art […]

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