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Statment Jury

The Parallel Events Program of Biennale Jogja XI 2011 considers seven criteria: (1) The activities should be collectivebased. (2) If the activity is initiated by non-artists, visual artists should be involved. The activity should be held in a collective manner. (3) If the activity is initiated by artists, non-artists must also be involved, and the activity should be held in […]

Whose the city belongs to? We fill it we have it.

Biennale Jogja XI did not merely showcase artists’ creations in the form of two- or three-dimensional works, but also included activities that involved the general public. Art presentations that took the form of activities were located outside the main exhibition space of Biennale Jogja XI and spread all across Yogyakarta. The public was able to enjoy bits and pieces of these […]

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