Mobius (ARE) Mobius

Type Hybrids
Ink drawings, digitally printed Dimensions (no
specific dimensions)


Mobius Design Studio is based in Dubai and run by Hadeyeh Badri, Hala Al-Ani and Riem Hassan. The founders graduated from the College of Art, Architecture and Design at the American University of Sharjah in 2009 and they have been balancing their time between studio research and making projects either commercial or independent ever since. Their latest design research explores both Typography and Spatial Design. Mobius is in constant pursuit of collaborations with like-minded designers to engage in diversed design processes and material studies. Mobius initiated and became the curator of the Design House at the Sikka Art Fair in Dubai (2013), a concentrated center for design that shows a selection of chosen works within a space that is carefully examined. The Design House intends to be a catalyst for people to explore design beyond the commercial boundary.

This Mobius project in Biennale will be based on the concept that is proposed by The House of Natural Fiber (HONF) on Open City. During their residence in Yogyakarta, Mobius will conduct a research, interpretation and possibly also an intervention on what HONF have started earlier with a number of experts and citizens. This collaboration method makes possible for an art project to be participative, in which the artist plays the role as the facilitator for ideas from various social and cultural references to meet.

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