Aderemi Adegbite

20151109 Aderemi

Aderemi Adegbite
“Al-Ikhlas: The Purity/The Refining”
Photography on Islamic Slates
In collaboration with: Uche Okpa-Iroha, & SAKI

Aderemi’s current focus questions individual realities and truth(s) that stretch across the societal fabric as constants for an elastic socio-system. He is interested in how past experiences (agonies, joys, businesses, travels and religious beliefs) of being part of a family reshape the individual’s present conditions, and serve as catalysts for “the”surrealistic future. The psychological effect of the idea “one for all, all for one,” is at the centre of his new interventions. In “Al Ikhlas: The Purity / The Refining”. Adegbite discusses macro issues, he explores them through the smaller narrations that surround us. These narrations can be found in living rooms, or even in our beds. He explores them by using family photo archives, and believes that macro political problems can be felt and captured in personal stories.

Born in Lagos, 1982, Aderemi Adegbite is a selftaught photographer, video, performance artist. He considers photography as a tool, to engage society in discourse. Aderemi started his artistic career through his involvement in the theatre. His first solo exhibition “N65”, exhibited at the Goethe Institut Lagos, Nigeria and Goethe Institut, Dakar, Senegal in 2012. “N65,” won the Emerging Human Rights Activists award of the World Youth Movement for Democracy 2012 Photo Contest. He has been commissioned for photographic projects by both art and media organizations and have exhibited his works locally and internationally. As an Arts Manager, he has produced and coordinated several arts and literary events which include Poetry Potter, Lagos Poetry Festival, WordSlam, Fashion Revolution and P.A.G.E.S in collaboration with the Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos. He lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.