Amarachi Okafor

20151109 Amarachi

Amarachi Okafor
“I Learnt This!”
Mixed media painting installation (including text) on canvas, interactive activity
In collaboration with: Serrum

Amarachi Okafor raises pertinentquestions that plague us as peoples within society. Questions such as: what kind of a society are we? What are we teaching generations now, and how do we go about this? Are we developed societies? What does this mean? Do we build trust, extend care, render help? Do we respect one another and constituted authorities? With Nigeria and Indonesia, colonial domination changed us but as peoples,what is original or indigenous about us? Through this work, Okafor invites audiences to participate in art activities with thoughts on indepth significance of learning, its processes and content. Participants deliberate, relate with one another, and respond to issues by writing on platforms provided by the artist. Amarachi Okafor is an artist born in Nigeria. She currently runs Orie Studio, an artist(s) Space that she set off in Abuja, Nigeria. Her art merges disciplines to discuss social, economic, and political topics: contemporary culture and history. She makes Art Events, Built Paintings and Sculpture Installations involving everyday used objects as material. She is interested in (re)construction and in the hands on process of sewing and patching, where the patching and mending of broken pieces of material for her can be cathartic, or allude to the hoped amendment of processes that could build better societies.

Sometimes, research and writing are art making processes for Amarachi, where words and ideas are ‘tangible’ art materials. She works in creative partnerships and collaborations, addressing issues towards positive societal growth. With her recent work, she creates opportunities for audiences in public spaces (children, students, workers, and government officials) to respond to and voice ideas on social matters in Nigeria.

Okafor has a BA, Painting and MFA, Sculpture from University of Nigeria, and later an MA in Curatorial Practice from Falmouth University, UK. She was recipient of UNESCO Unesco Aschberg artists’ award, 2007; Commonwealth Foundation Commonwealth Connections award, 2009, residency and grants awards from LKV, Trondheim-Norway 2007; NKD Dalsåsen-Norway 2009; Popopstudios Centre, Nassau-Bahamas 2010; and a jury prize award-National Art Competition (Nigeria), 2014. She has participated in exhibitions in Nigeria, Africa and outside Africa, both as an artist and as a curator. She worked with National Gallery of Art, Nigeria, as Senior Curator, 2008-2015.