Arief Yudi

20151109 Arief Yudi

Arief Yudi
“Bergantung Pada Kata”
Podium, speech, video, text
In collaboration with: Iswanto Hartono & Residents of Yogyakarta

The point of departure for Arief Yudi’s work is the assumption that communication is a pathway towards solving conflicts and tensions that are inherent in societal living. The title “Relying On Words” was adopted from a collection of essays entitled “Dependent On Words” edited by Andries Teeuw. A speech platform has been erected as a space for articulation of the worries that surround us. Interestingly, social life is predominantly based on language, even though that has its own limitations and tensions. “Relying On Words” was created to present those limitations while expanding the possibilities in finding a way out of conflict.

Arief Yudi was born in Jatiwangi, 1967. Since 1990’s when he lived in Bandung, he participated in many contemporary art events in Indonesia and internationally. He founded Galeri Barak in Bandung in 1999 and initiated Bandung Performance Art Festival. In 2005 he returned back to his hometown to start Jatiwangi Art Factory (JaF) with his wife, to use arts as a tool in resolving conflicts in Jatiwangi. He is now managing JaF Galley and inviting artists to do a participatory art projects as a new way of developing the neighborhood. Arief lives and works in Jatiwangi, Indonesia.