Joned Suryatmoko

20151109 Joned

Joned Suryatmoko
“Margi Wuta #2”
Tour, performative activities
In collaboration with: tuna netra (visual impairments) actors, Ace House Collective, & all the works in the exhibition space

Joned Suryarmoko is continuing a project that he once conducted with the visually impaired, in a project called ‘Margi Wuta’. In ‘Margi Wuta #2’ Joned has developed a performative event, a tour that examines the works in the Main Exhibition of the Biennale Jogja XIII with a visually impaired guide. The aesthetic he has chosen is certainly outside of conventional performing arts aesthetics. He places more emphasis on the aspects of ‘event’ and ‘experience’ in this work. Through the presence of an exhibition guide with vision impairment, we are invited to traverse the exhibition with our eyes closed. Although in art exhibitions we are generally asked to look at the work, in ‘Margi Wuta #2’ we are invited to experience the exhibition with from the perspective of a person with impaired vision

Joned Suryatmoko was born in Solo, Indonesia in 1976. His educational background is in International Relations Studies (Bachelor degree) and Media and Cultural Studies (Master Degree), both from the Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He has run his theatre group, Gardanalla Theatre since 1997 and produced various performances. As a theatre maker and director, he has worked with various communities such as indigenous community, youth, illegal immigrants, sex workers, LGBT community, street children, the disables, etc.  Joned is interested in interdisciplinary works as well as exploring space possibilities, especially since his artist residency in Melbourne in 2004. He has presented his works through various events such as Moonsoon Platform, Asian-European Artists in Seoul, South Korea (2006), Visible City Melbourne Fringe Festival and Southgate Project, both in Melbourne, Australia in 2010. He was also the Artistic Director of Equator Festival, Jogja Biennale XI (2011). Currently he is the Festival Director of the Indonesian Dramatic Reading Festival (IDRF). He lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.