20151109 Lifepatch

“SKS – Sistem Kebut Sekolah”
Workshop, games, site-specific installation
In collaboration with: Wukir Suryadi, Serrum, dan Anti Tank

Indonesian official education system – from the elementary school up to the university – has been the state’s instrument of power for a long period of time. The education institutions act as the factory that’s responsible in producing and distributing state-sponsored knowledge. In the regime of knowledge and its validation, there’s no more room left for diversity of knowledge especially the grassroot-based one. It’s such a shame since the people in the grass root level has been inventing many strategies to develop the version of technology in the name of survival. For them, the lack of care from the official education system has been a source of inspiration and invention. The work is meant to be the medium for the initiatives of local communities in intervening education system and building critical mode of knowledge exchange. The vision is realized by conducting applicative interdisciplinary study and initiating collaborative works among practitioners.

Lifepatch is a community based organization created in 2012, in Yogyakarta. This organization has explored creative and effective application in science, art and technology. During the process, Lifepatch has focused on an art and education approach through education practice in the use of technology that is effective for the society. Lifepatch has its prominent principal in conducting their activity, such as DIY (Do It Yourself) and DIWO (Do It With Others). With these spirits, they involve its member and other people, to conduct research, explore, develop and maximize the function of technology. By doing so, Lifepatch tries to stimulate a new and more explicit pattern and system from the creative process by individual and community. It is also a process to stimulate human interaction and cooperation among groups with different disciplines. Lifepatch has participated in numerous art, culture and technology projects, both locally and internationally.