Punkasila & Slave Pianos

20151109 Punkasila

Punkasila & Slave Pianos
“Rough Ride/Soft Power”
Musical instruments, costumes, flags, music performances on stage and in public spaces
In collaboration with: Fitri Setyaningsih, Erson Padapiran, and football supporter community ‘Geng Liyud’

In this work, Punkasila explores how confusion and fear are managed as a cultural modality in society. For those in power, such as the state, markets, and paramilitary groups, creating and managing disorder is a valuable political modality. For oppressed societal groups, however, confusion is a way to combat the domination of the regimes in power. On the streets, societal groups can stand up to authoritarian power by making noise and planned presentations. The uproar of mechanic noise, choreographing driving routes, and various other performances are a common language in the battlefield of contesting power.

Punkasila starts from an art project initiated by Danius Kesminas, an Australian artists, with some other Indonesian artists, musician and researcher in Yogyakarta 2006. This project has continued to be a Melbourne and Yogyakarta based artist collective. Punkasila is interested in socio-cultural problem of urban society. Punkasila has created songs, modified musical instruments, costumes, videos, comics, design, painting and explored some other mediums of art. Punkasila has released two musical albums, Acronym Wars and Crash Nation, distributed by Revolver – Archiv fur Aktuelle Kunst and Yes No Wave Music. Punkasila participated in Havana Biennale, Cuba in 2009. This group has also participated both as an art collective and a band in Indonesia.