20151109 Serrum

“KurikuLab: Pasar Ilmu”
Site-specific installation, workshop, archival research, mural, black board, table, chair, stationary
In collaboration with: Lifepatch, ketjilbergerak, Amarachi Okafor

For Serrum, the only interest of Indonesian official education system in its subject is planting strategic values in their heads. It leaves anything else behind. The system does not work in a flexible manner but in a restraining one. Making such condition as a starting point, Serrum then conducts some researches on the practices of alternative education – both formal and informal one – in Yogyakarta. Serrum intends to dig what’s being offered by them and measure their chance of survival under the dominance of the official education system. The vision of the project itself is to invent a studying space in which the people participate in deciding what’s needed and what’s to study.

Serrum is an art organization founded in 2006 by several students of art education, Jakarta National University. Serrum focuses on the research of social and education through art as medium. The program initiated by Serrum includes such public activity as art exhibition, public art, residency, workshop, drawing course for children and comic publishing. Serrum has collaborated with individu and group or institution with various different background, both locally and internationally.