Yusuf Ismail

20151109 yusuf Ismail

Yusuf Ismail
“Fluxcup Chroma Key Project”
Video, internet
In collaboration with: pengguna internet (internet user)

Virtual world of the internet has given us a sense of limitlessness in terms of space and time. Through digital application and social media, it touches and transforms almost all of human sides including the most private ones. In it human plays the role of producer and consumer at the same time. Realizing the power possessed by the internet, the government begins to try to put it under its control. Responding such condition, Yusuf Ismail creates an imaginary character namely Fluxcup. Fluxcup is invented to construct the dynamics of virtual reality and, in the same time, to deconstruct the reality through its critical utterances.

Yusuf Ismail was born in Bogor, 1982. He studied sculpture at Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung. Yusuf interested in new media culture discourse. He takes a distance with the great flow through the new medium of social criticism and tried to reconstruct the mental culture from where he live. The presence of this particular discourse had prompted him to materialize artistic strategies in order to deliver aesthetic offerings that are able to outsmart the expected control points. Yusuf won the first prize of Bandung Contemporary Art Award in 2012. He has been participated in exhibitions in Indonesia and abroad. He created a virtual character Fluxcup on Internet who extensively distributing disruptive video works. He lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia.