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The idea of Global South and Equator as the stepping stone in the First Round of BJ Equator would be developed into a more diverse spirit, by establishing a relationship with countries in other regions having intersecting histories or contexts. In the Second Round, the BJE aspires to build partnerships with other regions. We are trying to build the concept of Equator as a collective imagination for art and culture communities in order to create an art scene which is equal for many. Respecting the rights of marginalized groups, re-invoking local wisdom and knowledge. We believe that we need to underline the issues related to the politics of location in order to uncover the power gap and to conduct an experiments that may take us to the idea or experience of equality.

Organizing the First Round of BJE showed us the importance of maintaining local beliefs and wisdom, expertise built upon the philosophy of nature and life, as well as the sovereignty of indigenous society. With the concept of translocality, the BJE attempts to connect the knowledge in one locality with another, the systems of art and culture based on specific indigenous situations, and the articulation of knowledge which is rooted in the local languages. We dream about bringing together indigenous artists, communities, and scientists from all over the world.

Meanwhile, the idea of transhistoricity refers to the course of history that inspires civil movements to contribute to the change of power constellation in the art world. The First Round of BJE was inspired by the Asian-African Conference (AAC) movement, later manifesting into the Bandung Spirit. After the AAC, the movement grew into the formation of the Non-Aligned Movement in early 60s. We believe that the timeline of history is a fundamental stepping stone for preserving the spirit of decolonization underlying our endeavour. It also leads us in advancing past endeavours to shape the possibility of the future. Connecting historical narratives with the contextualization of various localities will be our adventure for next few years.

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