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Yayasan Biennale Yogyakarta (YBY) has again opened registration for open calls for young practitioners, individual and collective artists to be involved in Asana Bina Seni 2023; a joint learning program based on research and art creation. In this program, selected participants will attend classes at Asana Bina Seni from February to April to develop work proposals submitted with experienced artists. After going through the process of learning together in classes, there will be a presentation at the end of class.

In addition to inviting artists, we also open call registration for curators/researchers to become prospective participants in the Art Criticism Class;  which seeks to spark critical discussions among art actors related to how art practice and aesthetic discourse relate to cultural, socio-political and economic studies at large.

How to understand art practice in the context of local, trans-local and global cultural terrains? How does art break through the boundaries of the medium and attempt to rewrite art history? How do artists reread social environments and find new ways/strategies to build relationships with their communities?


Here are the Participant Requirements, Registration Procedure, Timeline, and additional Information for Asana Bina Seni #5 2023:


Register now and take Asana Bina Seni #5 2023 classes throughout February-April 2023!

Registration link: