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The Parallel Events Program of Biennale Jogja XI 2011 considers seven criteria: (1) The activities should be collectivebased. (2) If the activity is initiated by non-artists, visual artists should be involved. The activity should be held in a collective manner. (3) If the activity is initiated by artists, non-artists must also be involved, and the activity should be held in a collective manner. (4) The activity... Read more

Jogja Biennale time after time*

Assembling the documents and documentation of the Biennale Jogja Life seems to be too big to just be a research object, and too great not to be celebrated. (Ignas Kleden, 1988) It is indisputable that the  Jogja Biennale (BJ) is the most consistent, big, routine arts event in Indonesia. It only rival is the Biennale Jakarta (which is older than... Read more


Interviewing the Equator Starting in 2011, the Biennale Jogja XI, which takes place in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, will work its way around the equator, a zone designated as the area between the Tropic of Cancer (latitude 23°27′ north) and the Tropic of Capricorn (latitude 23°27′ south).  Biennale Jogja will look further towards the future, open up new perspectives and develop confrontations... Read more


The Mission of Yayasan Biennale Yogyakarta (YBY), established on August 23, 2010 is to: Initiate and facilitate efforts to achieve a strategic concept of urban planning based on art and culture and to improve the blueprint for cultural city of the future as a space for fair and democratic living. Visual arts are one of the sectors of cultural creativity... Read more


THE THINKING BEHIND THE EQUATOR SYMPOSIUM By Enin Supriyanto (Project Officer Equator Symposium) The Jogja Biennale attempts to look forwards, developing new perspectives and opening itself to confronting the ‘establishment’ or the conventions of events like it. Contemporary art discourse is very dynamic, although the dichotomy between the centre and the peripherary is still very apparent.There is a need to... Read more

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